The Nomad announces our special film screenings in the Ambient Forest

  • 12 June 2012
  • POSTED BY Duncan
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The woods are lovely, dark, and deep. And I have promises to keep. Miles to go before I sleep.

Welcome to the Grindhouse, night owls. Late night screenings, off the beaten path…

Thursday: Yellow Submarine + The Chemical Brothers: Don’t Think
Friday: Pulp Fiction + Reservoir Dogs
Saturday: Watchmen + Sin City
Sunday: Mulholland Drive + Blue Velvet

“2012 may well be the year of Wildflife at Bestival – its also the year of cinema down on the site… Our amazing partners Nomad have come up with such a strong bill from the classic Yellow Submarine to the Chemical Brothers insanely good film Don’t Think not forgetting two cracking double billls from David Lynch and Quentin Tarantino. If that wasn’t enough for any cinephile add in some superb soundtrack cinema from our mates in Jersey from Branchage plus the beautiful Lost Picture Show and The Sol Cinema dropping by. Just make sure you remember to catch some bands too!” Rob da Bank

The Nomad Cinema – the most intrepid, the most adventurous, the roaming-est pop-up cinema experience in the world – is very excited to be packing the pop-up screen onto its back and swimming the channel all the way to Bestival in September with a magical programme of films to enlighten and enthral as it transforms the new Amphitheatre in the Ambient Forest into a fantasy world of late night Grindhouse cinema.

Kicking off on the Thursday night of Bestival, The Nomad will host 4 nights of truly breath-taking double bills.

Yellow Submarine (UK exclusive screening)
The Chemical Brothers: Don’t Think (Introduced by Director Adam Smith)
‘And our friends are all aboard…’

  • Yellowsub3

Most certainly the most iconic band of the sixties, if not of all time, this is a unique opportunity to see one of the defining music films of this century. Yellow Submarine kicks off the first of our twilight double bills at Bestival in all its vibrant animated Technicolor glory…

Widely believed to be acted out in its entirety by the Beatles themselves, the film was mainly voiced by professional actors with the band adding their renowned voices to the last portion of the film. Revolving around the Beatles’ attempts to bring happiness and music back to the land that has been taken over by the Blue Meanies, Yellow Submarine seemed like a set piece in order to play out the Beatles tracks. However, despite its reputation as being a psychedelic drug-infused trip, the film won critical acclaim and was a box office hit. Would you honestly want to miss the opportunity of singing Yellow Submarine at the top of your lungs with hundreds of others at Bestival this year? We didn’t think so!

  • D906f230

Mellowed out enough? Well we’re about to knock your socks off. Following amazing sell-out performances globally, the swinging sixties will be followed by thumping dance beats as the infamous Don’t Think will be screened back to back with Yellow Submarine with an introduction by director Adam Smith. When the Chemical Brothers’ Fuji concert received its cinema release, audiences famously crowd-surfed and danced their way to cinemas being shut down by security. Now on blu-ray and DVD, this will be an exceptional experience, particularly for music fans.

Pulp Fiction + Reservoir Dogs
Violence, redemption, lurid subject matter.

“I didn’t go to film school, I went to FILM.” Tarantino

And so he did. Tarantino is, by all intents and purposes, the original magpie of films. Something shiny passes him by, he takes it, jumbles it with other bits and pieces and makes it his own. And yet, how spectacular is the end result…

  • Pulp_fiction_uma_thurman

Single-handedly breathing life back into the career of John Travolta and giving us a soundtrack that everyone knew how to dance to before they even saw the film, Tarantino accomplished what many could consider impossible, two classics in two years. Pulp Fiction was iconic, the plot can barely be put into words and yet, even with a script so dense, it all worked perfectly. Endlessly quotable and packed full of film references, many will not be able to resist catching Pulp Fiction for yet another viewing. For those who haven’t, you NEED to see this film…

  • Reservoirdogs1

As soon as the credits roll, treat yourself to the film that started the ball rolling. When Reservoir Dogs roared into Cannes, the film world was instantly captivated by the new hot-shot director with the gift of the gab. Cutting up the storyline into an alternate time sequence, Dogs revolves around the planning and execution of a jewelry heist which goes terribly wrong. Here is where Tarantino first proved his mastery of the marriage of soundtrack and dialogue: no one will ever forget Michael Madsen’s character talking into that ear…

Watchmen + Sin City
“Come gather children, wherever you roam…”

Dear Mr. Snyder, we have seen 300 and we really liked the gritty raw feel of it. We particularly liked how you handled the graphic novel’s move onto the big screen. Would you perhaps consider directing the most popular graphic novel ever released?

  • Watchmen

Snyder was no doubt aware of the awesome responsibility placed on his shoulders, turning a graphic novel that is not only popular in animation, but is considered one of the greatest novels of all time, was never going to appease everyone. Warner Brothers swore they would never again release an R rated graphic novel and for the most part, critics were highly sceptical. On the other hand, Snyder was as faithful as possible to the novel and the depiction of the superheroes who watch over our planet, was wonderfully shot with one of the greatest intro scenes ever committed to film. After the furor, Watchmen has definitely become worthy of a revisit and if you managed to miss it, don’t be put off by the criticisms, this truly is a sight to behold. Oh, And there’s Jeffrey Dean Morgan…

  • Sin-city-image

But before that, there was Sin City… Turn the right corner in Sin City, and you can find anything… But more importantly, with Sin City they found something extraordinary. One of the very few films that can literally be watched without the sound on, Sin City brought the graphic novel into the public eye in a more dramatic way than ever before. Directed by Rodriguez who also worked with the novel’s creator Frank Miller, the film delved into the seedy world of prostitution, late night dingy bars, unsettled squabbles and dark revenge. Jessica Alba danced for her life, Mickey Rourke was back with a bang. Sin City is glorious – a rough diamond, a game changer. How better to while away the evening hours than with the characters of the night…

Mulholland Drive + Blue Velvet
Rare double bill from David Lynch, high priest of midnight weirdness

“It makes me uncomfortable to talk about meanings and things. It’s better not to know so much about what things mean. Because the meaning, it’s a very personal thing, and the meaning for me is different than the meaning for somebody else.” Lynch

Keep these wise words in mind, with these you will survive any Lynch film. On the surface, Lynch can almost be seen as an attention-seeker; one of those arty people who produce art so that people can stand around a painted circle and attempt to determine the fate of the universe. But Lynch is so much more than that; take any section of any of his films and you can literally interpret it in hundreds of different ways. It will work on its own, it will work in context. In fact, there are few like Lynch, a master of his work, a director who gives us questions but barely explores the answers…

  • Mulholland_01

Mulholland Drive is nearly impossible to explain. Following a car crash, a young woman loses her memory but attempts to trawl through Los Angeles in an attempt to recollect, aided by an aspiring actress. Wonderfully acted by Naomi Watts and stunning Laura Harring, there exist hundreds of interpretations of this cult screen gem, the most common being that this is a series of dream sequences, something that Lynch has referred to on DVD commentaries. However, try not to question too much… Lynch also doesn’t believe stories should necessarily have a beginning, middle or end…

  • Blue-velvet-1986-04-g

You will never forget the first time you see Blue Velvet: you will feel awkwardly uncomfortable, you will be dazzled by Isabella Rossellini, and you will be spellbound by Dennis Hopper. An earlier work of Lynch’s and not quite as experimental as Eraserhead, Blue Velvet follows Jeffrey, a young man who is drawn into a world he never knew existed when he takes it upon himself to investigate a crime. That opening scene! Never again will you hear Blue Velvet and not think of that opening scene…

As always with The Nomad, the film is the star and the location the highlight. Upon entering the world of The Nomad, it’s the little touches that make the night. From outstanding picture quality, to thought-provoking subtle extras that enhance your viewing experience, via our friendly Nomad welcome. When you leave a Nomad screening, you’ll hopefully feel all warm and fuzzy and take with you a glorious memory of seeing a wonderful film in a truly magical way.